We are pleased to share with you our new inspection tools for underwater applications-  the  FIFISH Underwater Drones by QYSEA.  FIFISH is a world-leading UUV brand developed by QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. and dedicated to providing truly professional underwater drones.  FIFISH underwater drones are suitable for both the commercial and consumer markets; equipped with advanced tools such as a UHD camera, ultra-wide-angle lense, LED lights, robotic arms, sonar system and more.

The FiFish Underwater Drone can be operated 4-6 hours underwater depending on the operation mode.  One deployment of the ROV is equivalent to 4-6 x surface professional scuba diving sessions. This will greatly help your periodic underwater inspection requirement at the site. It has better safety, reliability and cost savings for the third party services utilizing conventional scuba tank visual inspection.


BRAAMD, Inc.  is  the  Authorized Distributor of FIFISH brand products in the Philippines.  We  distribute and offer full support to all FIFISH products from the entry level drones, to enterprise/industrial grade unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV),  and cinematic underwater drones.

Contact us to book a demo and product presentation. We are thrilled for you to witness this trailblazing technology.


BRAAMD is geared to let you witness the FIFISH Underwater Drone