Last May,  during our BRAAMD General Meeting Week, in collaboration with Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Region 4A CALABARZON,  Province of Laguna, Santa Rosa City Fire Station, we held a Fire Safety Training and Fire Drill at our headquarters. The timing was perfect, as all Braamd employees from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were in attendance for this important exercise.

The fire drill and fire safety training were invaluable, providing knowledge and skills that could potentially save lives and property, and enable us to assist others in emergencies. The seminar covered important topics including an overview of the BFP, the nature of fire, the fire triangle, emergency response, fire safety awareness, and, most importantly, fire prevention.

Several Braamd employees had the opportunity to use fire extinguishers to put out mock fires, enhancing our preparedness and capability for real-life fire emergencies.

We value working with LGUs and welcome activities that promote safety. And always remember, when using a fire extinguisher, follow the T.P.A.S.S. method: Twist, Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep.

Salute to the  passion and dedication of  S02 Kyla Alim, F01 Hazel Anne Fernandez, and F01 Kevin Diaz during the Fire Drill at our headquarters last May 20, 2024 .

They say that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from starting.  This is our responsibility, and we take every measure to ensure that fire safety is a top priority.

BFP Santa Rosa Laguna holds Fire Drill and Fire Safety Training