Day 1  Flyability Live Demo and Roadshow, in Cement Industry

Elios 3, aside from visual inspection tool, is used for stockpile volume measurement. It uses LiDAR + Software to do stockpile measurements, making the process faster, safer, and more accurate.

Day 2 Elios 3 Roadshow – Mining

Fast track and streamline your mining operations with visual and metric data. Equipped with ELIOS 3 and its high density point clouds, surveyors and engineers can quickly collect data in no-go zones and provide underground insights that have not been possible before.


  • Using Elios 3, safely access all the NO-GO zones for humans. 
  • Locate and diagnose mining hangup in less than 10 minutes 
  • Gain insights you could not obtain before. 

Day 5 Elios Roadshow : R&R

We value our our partners and we always want to have a deeper relationship with them.  We got to know more about Mr. Vanga Ganasan during days of long drive, hours of presentations and under the heat of the sun during technical and live demonstrations.   We are glad that aside from business opportunities, we were able to develop friendship.  Work hard and play hard.

DAY 6 Luzon Roadshow: Powerplant Demo

The power generation industry, specifically coal fired powerplants, is one of the best use-cases of ELIOS 3 drones.

Where, the ELIOS 3 drones are used in two ways, (1) for asset inspection and (2) for coal stock volumetric measurements. Two usabilities to quickly get your ROI!

Using ELIOS 3, assess the integrity and condition of burners, boiler walls, refractories, stacks, superheater piping, and more. Detect clogs, wear and tear of pipes and inside preheaters. 

The ELIOS 3 also significantly speeds up the process of stockpile measurement compared to manual methods. Fly the drone and instantly create high density 3D point cloud. Compute volume using 3rd party software.

BRAAMD started  2023 with a series Nationwide Roadshow. First stop  was The  Elios 3 Live Demo in Luzon held from January 12-18, 2023. This Live Demo was conducted by our Flyability Inspection Team together with our principal from Flyability APAC’s  Area Sales Manager, Mr. Vanga Ganasan. 

The result of the Elios 3 Roadshow and Live Demo was very promising.  We were able to bring Flyability to several industries and our customers were impressed with the performance and technology of Elios 3. An inspection, surveying, and mapping drone primed for the precise & stringent demand of different industries, adapting with Industry 4.0 and very much ready for the evolution and transformation in the inspection world.


Day 3 All The Way Up, North of Manila , Philippines.

We showcased the capabilities of ELIOS 3 drone in a power plant, specifically hydro power.  We highlighted the efficiency of drone use in the inspection of assets inside the plant.

Equally emphasized is the importance of keeping humans out of harm's way by using ELIOS drone.  Finally, we share to clients, inspectors, engineers and contractors that data are localized. With LIDAR and its high density point cloud, defects are pinpointed real-time in the live map and in the data analysis, post flight.

Learn more about ELIOS , we can quickly set up a meeting at your most convenient time and place..

Day 4 of the ELIOS 3 Luzon Tour takes us back to Braamd HQ

We  presented and demonstrated ELIOS 3 to a different industry, different client base. 

ELIOS 3 is the best inspection, surveying and mapping drone in the world. We are looking forward in working with new partners and collaborators who support tech innovation & safety in the world of inspection and surveying. We will share info as this engagement develops.Booking an ELIOS demo is easy. This meeting was quickly set-up, just a day before.

DAY 8  Last Stop, Feedmill

With ELIOS 3 drones, inspection of silos, vessels and tanks in Feedmill is done in hours instead of days or weeks.

Easy to fly, exceptional data gathering capability, and with data localization, easily pinpoint rust, pitting, cracks, holes, and other defects.

ELIOS 3 is also used in volumetric measurement and management. Using the LIDAR equipped drone and volume measurement software, measure feedmill stock in minutes.

Use of ELIOS drone in survey & inspection saves cost, reduces downtime, removes complicated preparation, and eliminates human entry to hazardous and confined spaces.

 Flyability Elios 3 on the Road - Luzon Leg  Completed

We are grateful for the support and  with feedback that  we received from Flyability APAC’s  Area Sales Manager, Mr. Vanga Ganasan.   "BRAAMD has proven to be a market professional during my interactions with them. From my client visits, it is evident that BRAAMD has a positive reputation amongst the industrial market and this can only grow towards a positive direction from here. Flyability is confident that by partnering with BRAAMD, our market presence in Philippines will grow to newer heights and together we can make an impact on the safety of the industry."​​

We are excited to present Elios 3 to our customers in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  All these benefits and features were presented and well-received by our clients throughout our Elios 3 Luzon Roadshow.  Braamd-Flyability partnership is in the business of keeping inspection safe and reducing costs & downtime, expect us to continue sharing ELIOS case studies and success stories. See you in the next leg.   Elios 3 on Road continues.  Contact us  to reserve a seat.  


Day  7: Another Day, Another Industry

Winding down our Elios 3 Luzon Roadshow with a visit to a Food & Bev plant. Cases  for F&B include inspections of bins, storage tanks, pipelines and more. Successful inspections of building, beams, ceilings of F&B plants have also been done using ELIOS drones.

LIDAR sensor equipped, powered by FlyAware SLAM Engine, and using Geoslam Volumes, Elios 3 can also be used for F&B inventory volume measurements.

Introduction :  Kickoff

Meeting and training with Flyability APAC’s Area Sales Manager, Mr. Vanga Ganasan.   It was conducted in BRAAMD Headquarter 's Technology Education Program Center and was attended by our Flyability Inspection Team, sales , support and service.    An open discussion was conducted to understand the requirements, gaps and pain points of our customers.  A whole day was dedicated solely for technical review and assessment as preparation for the Elios 3 Live Demo.  All set for the Elios 3 Roadshow and Live Demo in Luzon.