BRAAMD Headquarters is the realization of its  vision to provide a better facility, stronger customer service,  and to support its growing operations.  Our HQ houses our office spaces, meeting rooms,  warehouse , inspection, testing,  and calibration workshop,  living quarters,  multi-purpose and events roof deck, and provisions for future expansion.  It allows us to have an efficient  workflow among our personnel, a workplace where we can thrive and serve our clients better and faster. Soon we will also be opening the doors of our Technology Education Program Training Center (TEPTC)  that aims to promote the technical competencies of our employees, partners,  and our valued customers .

The people of BRAAMD are beyond grateful for this major milestone. As we begin this new chapter, we are looking forward to the evolving, challenging and promising years ahead.  One BRAAMD.  To God be the Glory.

BRAAMD Inc. celebrates the blessing of its newly constructed headquarters

BRAAMD Inc. held the blessing of its newly constructed headquarters last May 11, 2022 at Rodeo Drive, Bel-Air 2, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. The construction of the building was implemented from May 2021 to this year 2022.