WESDOM  is not only a valve manufacturer but an industrial piping solution provider.  It has a variety of valves that  are installed worldwide such as  cast iron, steel, stainless ,steel, copper materials; malleable iron and stainless steel pipe fittings; ductile iron, stainless steel fittings; flanges and other products, mainly used  in power, water, cement, oil & gas, chemical, sugar, F&B, mining, paper & textile and other industries.

WESDOM and BRAAMD Formed a Partnership

BRAAMD partnered with WESDOM Group to be the Authorized Distributor of WESDOM  Flow Solutions and Industrial Piping Products in the Philippines.   Recently, the management team of WESDOM visited BRAAMD Headquarters.  The two companies discussed thoroughly how to promote and bring these products and solutions to the Philippine Market.  It was followed by an agreement to form a partnership that aims to provide our valued customers  with a full range of industrial piping and numerous flow solution options.

WESDOM has more than 20 years of global presence .  The brand is supported by solid R&D,  passed different global industrial and manufacturing standards, and went through numerous stages of inspections and quality control.  

Backed by BRAAMD’s own Sales & Application Engineer and Service Team, we are confident that we can offer reliable and top-notch flow control solutions to our valued customers.