BRAAMD - Authorized, trained, and certified by EverExceed since 2015

Leo meets Leo

Leo Intes, Visayas Region Head and Product Driver of EverExceed meets the Mr. Leo Wang - President of Everexceed

As the Authorized Distributor, we deliver supply, install, test and commission, maintain battery systems, energy storage system, UPS, and industrial battery charger to meet our customers’ needs in mission critical applications.  

Braamd Inc. and EverExceed, we have been, and we will... power your applications!

For almost 10 years there are countless EverExceed projects that we delivered and completed. Supply, installation, testing, and commissioning  of the 2 biggest UPS 300 KVA rated capacity in the Philippines for Healthcare industry.  Supply and installation of 125DC 300A DC charger for Hydro power plant.  Supply and  installation of 2500Ah Battery Bank for Power Plant.  Customized DC Charger in one cabinet for 3 units 125DC 50A and 2 units 48DC 20A for Power Barge.  These are just few of the projects that we completed over the years.

Our last stop in China, EverExceed Industrial Co. Limited! 

Our management team and representatives from Sales, Marketing, Engineering & Service celebrated milestones with Mr. Leo Wang - President of Everexceed; Ms. Elly Hu - Sales Director, Mr. Lan “Allan” Wuwen - Sales Manager and the entire EverExceed Team in China.  

During the meeting held at EverExceed Headquarters, strategies on how to further improve our business relationship and customer service were discussed and finalized.  It was a collaborative and productive discussion.  Our Product Driver and Specialist for EverExceed together with our Service Engineer and Technical Support Engineer conducted plant visit and manufacturing process review  in order to deepen our product knowledge, technical competency, and expertise.