Introducing BRAAMDrones!

We have been in the UAV - ROV - Drone - Industrial Inspection business for six (6) years and we will continue to be in this industry for a long time.

To fully support this product group, we just launched BRAAMD Inc.’s dedicated FB page for our commercial, industrial, enterprise drones, and various inspection solutions, the BRAAMDrones.

We will also use this platform for engagements about drones - Webinar Series, Virtual Presentations, Live Technology Discussion, and Online Demonstration. With a dedicated page and team, BRAAMDrones will allow us to directly connect with the targeted drone clients, users, and enthusiasts. Enterprise drones is a targeted market characterized by niche users and followers. We will be able to serve and cater the market better with a dedicated “enterprise drones and solutions” page.

Why Us?

  • We are authorized, exclusive dealers of the brands we distribute.
  • We have inventory of technologically advanced drones ready for demonstrations and/or actual inspections.
  • We have licensed pilots and trained technical support and service engineers.
  • We can offer end-to-end solution.
  • We can custom-design training for our clients.
  • We offer the best after-sales support in the industry.

Drone and its applications are no longer an emerging necessity or technology. It is the present and future of inspection, surveying and mapping.  Braamd Inc. partnered with global brands and is very  active and connected in the drone industry.   We will only make our portfolio better and complete as we continue to evolve. For the latest in drones, inspections solutions, trainings, tips, and more, please follow us and engage our experts.