Your first choice products for simple cost-effective pneumatic control

Everyday products for everyday standard tasks. These products are designed to offer high functionality and compactness at the same high quality you expect from Festo for users looking for simple, cost-effective pneumatic control. This select range of products includes compact and robust valves, guided and mini slide units, compact cylinders, regulators, filter regulators and tubing. And they each form part of the Festo core range - take advantage of products which offer shorter delivery times and competitive prices from one single source supplier.

Optimize  your automation capabilities with Festo's  key product range


Covering most of your automation tasks from actuators to accessories, you can reduce procurement complexity for both electrical and pneumatic control chains.

​This wide product array is specially curated based on high market demand. Covering most of your automation needs from actuators to accessories, you can reduce procurement complexity for both the electrical and pneumatic control chains with it.

At one glance, you can pick out products that best meet your needs.

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On the road to seamless automation of machines and systems, we offer you a unique range of solutions. Take advantage of one of the most extensive product portfolios of different linear and rotary mechanical systems, servo drives and motors as well as controller solutions and I/O systems. Always complemented by a varied and open range of communication options for seamless automation solutions.

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