FIFISH Underwater Drones


​​FIFISH V-EVO, the first underwater drone to combine a 4K UHD · 60FPS camera with 360-degree autonomous movements, giving you the ability to create epic and unique underwater moments in a dynamic high frame-rate resolution.


Professional-class cinematic ROV platform, with multi-tool attachment capabilities & integrated camera housing. Large in size, all-inclusive function. Built-in 8 liter space (220mm*220mm*170mm). Can be equipped with professional waterproof cameras of different sizes, reserved butterfly interface. Support multiple attachments at the same time.  Immersive control, moves with your body. Using VR equipment to control the underwater robot shooting angle is simple and convenient, allowing photographers to be immersive and giving each picture a panoramic view.  Precise structural design and second-generation aerospace composite materials make the machine resistant to impact, corrosion, high and low temperatures


​​FIFISH E-GO boasts a dual battery system, with each battery having a 72Wh capacity. This upgraded quick-disassembly structure incorporates pressure-resistant, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant connectors, ensuring fast and secure battery replacement


Enterprise-grade & mid-sized OMNI · dual 4K smart ROV, with 350-meter depth rating & multi-tool attachment capabilities. Industrial Grade ROV Platform- Powerful & Precise, Advanced Add-Ons, Exceptional Stability, Superior Battery. 5x Q-IF Interface Ports for Multi-Tool Integrations. FIFISH PRO W6 is an advanced ROV platform that can be highly customized towards a diverse range of industry-specific applications. Its five-interface port system provides the pilot the ability to add on and operate with different tools simultaneously, elevating the efficiency of underwater operations and expanding its applications across various professional fields.  Station Lock System.  The FIFISH PRO W6’s Station Lock algorithm is an adaptive and intuitive system, locking the ROV position underwater and precisely returning to its locked position against any interferences from the underwater environments. Execute and deliver inspections with exceptional stability, smoothness, and precision.

fifish underwater drone fifish philippines underwater drone

FIFISH is a world-leading UUV brand developed by QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. and dedicated to providing truly professional underwater drones.  FIFISH underwater drones are suitable for both the commercial and consumer markets; equipped with advanced tools such as a UHD camera, ultra-wide-angle lense, LED lights, robotic arms, sonar system and more.



Professional-class, high-performance & multi-functional OMNI · 4K underwater productivity tool.
FIFISH V6 EXPERT is a professional-class underwater robot and multi-capable tool for enhancing your underwater missions and operations. The V6 EXPERT can be equipped with an onshore power supply system that delivers optimal diving performance and operating time.  Multi-Tool Extensions,Unlimited Possibilities.  FIFISH V6 EXPERT's interface allows the efficient integration of a wide range of professional-level and industry-specific tools to tackle different scenarios and tasks.

fifish underwater drone fifish philippines underwater drone
fifish underwater drone fifish philippines underwater drone
fifish underwater drone fifish philippines underwater drone
fifish underwater drone fifish philippines underwater drone


Enterprise-grade & small-sized OMNI · 4K smart ROV, with 150-meter depth rating & multi-tool attachment capabilities FIFISH PRO V6 Plus is an expert in advanced underwater solutions.  With a diving depth of 150 meters and the all new integration of our innovative Q-motor stabilization system, elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your underwater operations.  Intelligent Distance &  Altitude Lock - The distance lock and Altitude Lock sonar system measure the forward distance and the downward altitude in real-time. Through distance lock and Altitude Lock, the difficulty of operation is reduced, and various inspections are more efficient and accurate. Omnidirectional Movement. The FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS delivers 6 degrees of freedom. As free as fish, achieve all types and angles of movement, from rolls & pitches to yaws & sideway glides. With the posture lock system, secure the angle of your drone as you move in any direction across the oceans in your operations.  Experience a further boost in operating time with the Onshore Power Supply System that delivers long-lasting and uninterrupted diving sessions.

FIFISH V-Evo underwater Drone


World’s first 360° omnidirectional underwater robot, with 4K camera & VR head tracking controls.
With all-directional freedom of movement and a compact design, FIFISH V6 delivers a revolutionary point of view for explorations, underwater photography, and industrial inspections.

FIFISH robots are used for different applications like industrial use, maintenance and inspections, underwater photography & filming, ocean exploration, recreation & leisure, aquaculture & fishing, search and rescue, and more.

BRAAMD, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of FIFISH brand of products in the Philippines.  BRAAMD, Inc. will distribute and offer full support to all FIFISH products from the entry level drones, to enterprise/industrial grade unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV),  and cinematic underwater drones. Being the authorized distributor of FIFISH underwater drones in the Philippines, we can support the products’ after-sales, spare parts, accessories and technical training.