We also had the pleasure of visiting DJI's flagship store, the DJI Hasselblad Shenzhen Store. As a flagship location, it truly stands out as one of their best. The store is grand both inside and out, blending modern design and a futuristic look with a museum-like feel. It showcases an impressive array of DJI's coolest devices, including consumer drones, enterprise drones, massive agricultural drones, and even more. For any drone enthusiast, it's truly a happy place – a Disneyland for drone fans.

Touchdown DJI in Shenzhen, China

BRAAMD team recently visited Shenzhen, the technology hub of China. This area is bustling with innovators and global manufacturers. Indeed, Shenzhen is a technology hub filled with cutting-edge developments and business advancements.  An important part of our Shenzhen business visit itinerary was exploring DJI HQ and Flagship store .

Our visit to DJI Sky City in Shenzhen, China, must have been an incredible experience. DJI Sky City is renowned for its innovative architectural design, reflecting the DJI’s name,  Da-Jiang Innovations, also known as "Innovation without Borders".  The structure of the  two towers symbolizes DJI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity.  It was an amazing to see in person the DJI Sky City.

As an Authorized Distributor of DJI Enterprise in the Philippines, we are dedicated to imparting the benefits and advanced technology of DJI products to our customers. Our recent visit to DJI Sky City and DJI's flagship store  has deepened our appreciation and understanding of DJI's unparalleled commitment to research and development. We are impressed by their relentless drive towards innovation and their goal of transforming complex technology into easy-to-use devices. This experience reaffirms our commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced and user-friendly DJI products available.

For our team, this visit was both inspiring and essential for fostering new ideas and collaboration. Special thanks to DJI Enterprise Philippines for accompanying us.