Energy Storage Batteries are Vital for Healthcare.

EverExceed LiFePO4 battery system ensures optimal performance of each medical equipment. These battery systems play vital role for even the most demanding applications, giving them greater energy density, lower weight and longer life capability. Also the advanced integrated BMS ensures the safety of the battery system so that the critical medical equipments can be operated with great reliability and safely. EverExceed LFP battery offers a worry free operation and guarantees no fire, no explosion.

If you have any questions regarding LFP Batteries and Energy storage systems, please feel free to communicate with us. BRAAMD Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of Everexceed Industrial Power Products in the Philippines.

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​​There are a vast number of patients that rely on medical equipment everyday, in the US alone, 2.5 million people need power critical medical equipment every day. Across the world, the ability to have medical equipment work unerringly is non-negotiable. More than ever, as the world faces this health crisis, now is the time to look at the backup power system integrity.

Those living remotely are more susceptible, reliance on electricity for their medical equipment and therefore health leaves them feeling uncertain, especially when help maybe miles away. With countries and states that are susceptible to natural disaster, vulnerable patients can be left without power. Natural disasters, health cris and other natural phenomenon are not going anywhere, which means our dependency on medical devices is unlikely to let uo. Backup power during power outages for the medically vulnerable is something healthcare executives should be looking into.

It is not just life-saving equipment that is at risk when there is a power outage, equipment and independent living aids are at risk too. Those relying on stair lifts, bath hoists or even just refrigerators for the safe storage of medication will also suffer.

In times where there are power outages, and backup is required, advances in battery technology are vital to keeping medical equipment running. Progress made in the Lithium battery technologies means that more lightweight and compact options are becoming more readily available. These batteries can be made compliant for several different applications including mobility equipment, medical carts or can be custom built for equipment such as nebulizers or pacemakers.