●  Eliminates need for divers
●  Cost-effective inspection
●  Detailed digital data and documentation
●  High-resolution photos and videos
●  Possible no interruption of operation
●  Faster inspection results
●  Quick deployment
●  Safe inspections

Industries and Use-Cases:
●  Energy
●  Civil Infrastructure
●  Aquaculture
●  Ocean Science and Environment
●  Maritime
●  Municipal/LGU
●  Offshore Energy
●  Search and Rescue

Use Cases:
●  Safety and structural integrity Inspection
●  Outfall Pipeline Inspection
●  Cooling Water Inlet Inspection
●  Damage inspection
●  Dam Inspection
●  Tunnel Inspection
●  3D Photogrammetry Surveys
●  Maritime, ship, vessel inspections
●  Coastal Wall Inspection (Underwater)
●  Offshore Structural Inspection
●  Inspection for civil infrastructure (Underwater), and more.

Contact us please for a Budgetary Offer for FIFISH UnderwaterROV/Drones or to discuss Underwater Drone Inspection Service. 

Traditionally, inspections underwater have been performed by expensive dive teams which is time-consuming and expensive. Now, underwater drones enable you to inspect assets, easily deploy and get the results within minutes as well. Harness the power of underwater ROV and do frequent inspections, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency. Equipped with a high definition camera, can be fitted with different payload (robotic arm, 2D Image Sonar, sensors measurement tools, etc.), highly maneuverable and able to dive hundreds of meters, a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) is ideal for underwater reconnaissance/survey, deep water inspection, and deployment to hazardous environments not suited for divers. 

Underwater ROV Drone Inspections