What a good way to commence our Technology Education Program (TEP) 2024  by partnering with Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (Mapúa MCL).   Mapúa MCL’s week-long 18th founding anniversary celebration was truly meaningful and we are honored to be part of this milestone.    

Last January 27, 2024, the young Mapúa MCL Engineering students were engaged in a day of  Technology Sessions and Career Talk.   Our  TEP Teams prepared various engaging and interactive sessions such as discussions of Engineering Solutions, Hands-on and Interactive Training, Live Demonstrations and Career Talk

TEP at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna

For us here in BRAAMD, the TEP Is Worth The Prep. This is why TEP is worth doing!  Thank you Mapúans for being with us. We hope we were  able to impart knowledge and share life skills  that will help you as you move on to the next phase of your lives.

Kudos to our speakers and thank you #BraamdTEP2024 team for a fantastic job!  Things are so much easier because you all did it With A Smile. Onto the next event, next school, next organizations,  next students, next engineers.



One of  our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focus is  Education.  We aim to support the education system in our local communities.   We opened the doors of our Technology Education Program Training Center (TEPTC)  that aims to promote the technical competencies of our employees, partners,  and our valued customers. TEPTC also hosts seminars and workshops for the technical educators and students  based on our expertise as a technology solutions provider.

It is our goal to help elevate the technical competencies of the Philippine workforce by introducing a collaboration program with higher educational institutions and technical training centers.  Our aim is to prepare the incoming workforce for the industry by introducing technologies, processes and real-world applications by providing hands-on training to educators and students.