Scope of service includes but not limited to: 

  • Leakage detection using BRAAMD Inc. ultrasonic device
  • Detailed inspection report
  • Identification of opportunities for improving energy efficiency
  • Documented Festo  report (detailed report, costs of leakages and potential savings, spare parts recommendations, estimated repair time, etc.)

Pneumatic  Sustainability Check Service

We are proud to share that BRAAMD is now an Authorized Festo Energy Savings Service (FESS) Partner. We completed the Festo-PH Pneumatic Sustainability Check (PSC) Training Program and we have Technical Support and Service Engineers that are qualified and certified to conduct leakage detection services for their clients, with TUV certification according to ISO 11011.

Our trained Festo Energy Efficiency Experts can analyze your entire compressed air system from compressed air generation to pneumatic applications. This holistic approach gives you a comprehensive overview of all energy-saving potentials. The service offering consists of 6 modules which are certified by TÜV SÜD in accordance with ISO 11011.

​The PSC service aims to assist our customers in reducing energy consumption by identifying and eliminating compressed air wastage. We provide a comprehensive report that is ISO certified, along with corrective measures to eliminate these leakages.

By utilizing the PSC service, we help our customers make their production processes more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Send us an email to contact our Technical Support and Certified Service Engineers at or to book BRAAMD’s PSC Service. 

What is Festo Energy Saving Services

High energy prices, rising cost pressure and a growing awareness of climate protection have undoubtedly made industrial energy efficiency a key activity in your business. Festo Energy Saving Services according to DIN EN ISO 11011 offer you a tailor-made range of services that enable you to identify and utilise potential compressed air savings in an optimal, integrated and sustainable way.

Tailored to your needs: energy efficiency as a modular service
The Festo Energy Saving Services are offered on a modular basis to precisely meet your specific requirements. You can choose whether you want to take advantage of the PreAudit, only individual service modules or a comprehensive audit. You define the objectives and we adjust the scope of services accordingly.

PreAudit as your guide
Would you like to increase the energy efficiency of your entire compressed air system, but aren’t sure where to start? Our PreAudit enables you to immediately identify weak points and know for certain which measures are most likely to bring results in your compressed air system.

During the PreAudit, we examine compressed air generation and preparation, assess compressor utilisation, analyse compressed air quality and measure the pressure drop in the system. In the quick check, we also carry out a representative leakage detection test on a machine and check the machine’s pneumatic efficiency. In addition, you will receive a detailed report with full documentation of the data and recommended actions weighted in order of priority. The documentation contains, among other figures, the CO2emission values that many companies require for inclusion in their sustainability reports, e.g. in accordance with GRI or GHG.