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The RAVEN-EYE® ATEX is the newest non-contact RADAR area/velocity flow meter for open channel flow measurements from Flow-Tronic. The new sensor combines advanced digital Doppler radar velocity sensing technology with most modern and powerful DSP processor technology allowing a patent pending self-learning average velocity calculation. The need for empirical models or time consuming site calibration become obsolete.

Use the RAVEN-EYE® ATEX in combination with the RTQ-2000 flow logger for portable monitoring and for permanent monitoring with the IFQ MONITORTM which displays flow rate, velocity, level and more. The use of a barrier box between the IFQ MONITOR TM and the RAVEN-EYE® ATEX is mandatory to comply with electrical parameters.

RAVEN-EYE ATEX Non-Contact Radar Flowmeter ATEX Zone 1 Certified

The RAVEN-EYE® ATEX provides the user with highly accurate flow measurements under a wide range of flow and site conditions. By measuring the velocity of the fluid above the water surface, the RAVEN-EYE® eliminates accuracy and reliability problems inherent with submerged sensors, including sensor disturbances and sensor fouling.

The RAVEN–EYE® ATEX with certificate Ex II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb is ideal for monitoring flows from corrosive liquids or with high solids content.