Another highlight of our Dust Collection System is the Dwyer Dust Collector Time Controller, which is applicable for low voltage applications and is composed of 22 channels.  This time controller for dust collection simplifies our customer's on demand cleaning requirements.  It relies on a one timer board for on demand and continuous cleaning applications thus eliminating external devices such as pressure switches, relays and timers.

Our Dust Collection System offers a full range of solutions and works on the basic principles of dust collection: CAPTURE, CONVEY, COLLECT, thus providing a healthy and safe working environment for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty - accommodates high pressure application through our Festo Reverse Jet Pulse Valves which embodies a high flow rate structure, fast opening and closing times and a sturdy pilot system.
  • Compact - eliminates a separate panel and additional wiring for solenoid valves as ours is directly mounted to our pulse valves.
  • Maintenance-friendly - Connected via high quality rubber hose which secures the flow of air and at the same time, easy to dismantle and install.
  • Simplified control and monitoring system:

  1. Our Dwyer Dust Collector Controller has a plug in pressure module which has a 4-20mA output thus eliminating the need for an expensive process transmitter. 
  2. A solenoid fault light notifies the operator when a solenoid valve fails to activate properly
  3. One board size allows the standardization on one enclosure since it has 22 channels.
  4. For larger installations, our Dwyer Dust Collector Controller may be expanded by connecting multiple boards.


Contact us and our  Sales and Engineering Team will conduct site visit and inspection so that we can recommend the most efficient dust collection system for your plant.


BRAAMD Inc., an authorized distributor of Festo and Dwyer Instruments in the Philippines, has integrated its products to create a solution for DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM.   Introducing the Festo Reverse Jet Pulse Valve, a solenoid actuated pulse valve which generates short pulses of compressed air for mechanically cleaning filters and dust filter systems. The valves are actuated using short electrical pulses which generate short pulses of compressed air at the output of the valve, and travel through the filter against the normal direction of flow of the filter system to release adhering particles from the filter.