Day 3

Demo of Elios 3, Flyability's ultimate indoor drone for inspection, mapping, and surveying.

Back to cement plant. Where, inspectors, engineers and planners can use this drone for asset inspections and stockpile volume measurements.

Day 6

We completed the Philippine - Luzon tour of Elios 3!

6 days and 6 plants!Thank you very much dear clients for accommodating our team. Thank you to our BRAAMD team for tirelessly working on this Elios 3 Roadshow, from planning to execution.  Thank you too to our fun, energetic, great resource and presenter, Flyability APAC Regional Manager Joel Chan for this one whole week of collaboration. 

We look forward in telling the stories and information learned and shared this week to other players and plants here in the Philippines


Day 2

Cement plant yesterday, power plant today.

With Elios 3, the world's first LiDAR equipped indoor drone for internal inspections, the applications in industrial setting is just endless. For mapping, inspection and surveying, Elios 3 will get the job done!  Also in photo, is our Elios 2 drone, still one of the lead drones for inaccessible inspections.

Day 1

We welcome our partner, Flyability's Joel Chan, Regional Account Manager - Asia-Pacific. He is bringing with him, the latest cutting edge drone, Elios 3.

Just 4 days after the global launch, Elios 3 is now here in the Philippines! And just hours after landing, we are already presenting the Elios 3 to our clients.   All week long, Elios 3 is booked for demo in the Philippines. We will demonstrate the world's best indoor inspection drone to our clients. Our engineers and operators too will have a firsthand experience flying and learning the capabilities of Elios 3.

Day 4.

Elios 3 Inspection, Survey, Mapping drone demonstration in Food and Beverage plant. Where, Elios 3 can be used for inspection of Silos, Tanks, Vessels, Pipelines and more.

Elios 3 can also be used for inventory checking, stockpile measurements. Using mapping and volumetric calculation via "Geoslam Volumes".  Today's manufacturing plants and production lines require fast, reliable and advanced tool. Elios 3 is the answer.

Elios 3 is the world’s first collision-tolerant drone equipped with a LiDAR sensor for indoor 3D mapping. The drone is powered by a new SLAM engine called FlyAware™ that lets it create 3D models as it flies and accompanied by a new version of Flyability’s software for inspectors, Inspector 4.0.

Day 5

Led by our Flyability Singapore APAC Partner - Joel Chan, together with our Sales & Application Engineer, Support Engineer and Drone Operator, we again demonstrated Elios 3 Inspection Drone. This time, inside a power generation plant. Drones, intelligent software and robots are the present and the future of inspections, surveys and mapping. We have numerous success stories and case studies of drone inspections for the power generation industry.