We would like to express our gratitude to the students, teachers, administrators, and to Ms. Lorna P. Miranda, School Head of Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School in Binan Laguna.  We are grateful for your kind heart, support, and enthusiasm.   It was a memorable experience to see the smile and hear the laughter of the students. They certainly gave us a lot of reasons to smile and

As an organization, we are one. We are all gifted to give and the best gift we can give is the one that comes from our heart.

“Being one of the instruments that delivered gifts for the school and to some of the students at Our Lourdes Elementary School, was a very fulfilling job. It was heart-warming and very rewarding seeing the purest smile of the little children while receiving their gifts that were prepared by BRAAMD. It also makes me proud that I’m working for this organization that never forgets to share its success specially to Educational Institution where the young ones are being taught, nurtured and developed. But the gifts are just a material things, in my opinion, the very essence of the program is actually to give hope and to inspire the young ones to keep on pursuing their dreams.  Believe that one day, in the future, they too can be a vessel of blessing to other people through a simple act of kindness, gift giving and most specially inspiring others through a simple words of encouragement.”  - Karen

It was really amazing to witness such a momentous event which is very close to my heart. It has been quite a while since I have  seen myself with kids and was able to bring joy to these fellas. The feeling was rewarding and I hope we continue to conduct this kind of event to give back to our community and be a blessing to others. All glory to God. -Jasmin

We Are One
We Are All Gifted to Give

As a way of giving back , BRAAMD launched our CSR Program for 2023.   Guided by our core values, we commit to contribute and support the local communities through sustainable socio-economic projects.    This means taking account of its social, economic and environmental impact to its community.

Our program was cascaded and supported by all our employees, including all officers, managers, and staff of BRAAMD.  The feedback and experiences of the employees during the event were precious and memorable.