A power failure or power outage can tremendously and dangerously affect the operation and activities in the hospital. A centralized UPS is very vital in providing constant, continuous and uninterrupted power to the hospital’s emergency rooms, operating rooms, medical equipment, devices and its centralized IT data centers. When high value equipment (MRIs, CT Scanners, ventilators, X-Ray Machines), patient care, and lives are all at stake, a reliable backup power is a must.

We can duplicate this project and recommend solutions based on your hospital’s load and requirements. Contact us if you need emergency power systems, UPS, battery and energy storage systems. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf UPS and at the same time, we can custom build UPS systems that meet your specific requirements.

BRAAMD Inc. is the Authorized Distributor of EverExceed Industrial Power Products in the Philippines. EverExceed has more than 30 years of  manufacturing experience in innovative and eco-friendly power efficiency solutions.

BRAAMD, Inc. completes supply and  installation of the biggest UPS rated capacity  of EverExceed in the Philippines

(Medical Center in Negros Island)

We just completed the supply, installation, and commissioning of the biggest UPS rated capacity  of EverExceed in the Philippines. We appreciate the trust given to us by  Riverside Medical Center, Inc., one of the major hospitals in Bacolod City, Philippines.

The EverExceed UPS Model is PW300 with rated capacity of 300 kVA with built-in input/output all-copper transformer 220V AC. The system is with 64 pieces EverExceed VRLA External Battery (Model ST-12230) with rated capacity of 230Ah. The UPS installed meets the hospital’s requirement of fifteen (15) minutes back-up time at full load.