With guidance and training from our principal, our Elios team on multiple occasions, have already disassembled the Elios drone, piece by piece. Then, we did complete re-assembling, rebuild of the training drone and we did the after repair testing and flight checks as well.

Although the Elios 2 is engineered to be easily serviceable, it gives our clients peace of mind knowing that a dedicated support team is ready to assist you anytime. And that, there's no reason to ever send your drone back to Flyability (Switzerland).

Please contact our Elios Team service@braamd.com to know more about the servicing we can do and what add-on optional protection you can get when you buy Elios drone.

Elios Drone - Repair, Service, Maintenance.

Part of selling Elios drone is knowing how to support this product, after sales. We are working with Flyability team to ensure that BRAAMD team can handle maintenance, repair, service, and support any technical issues with the Elios drone.

The Flyability team, making sure that we get the best servicing and maintenance training possible and us investing on knowledge, we arranged shipping for another Elios drone for this training purpose. No stock or demo drones were used for this purpose.