Oracle OpenWorld Asia: Singapore 2019
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Success today requires resiliency, reinvention and thinking ahead. Bring the future into focus at Oracle OpenWorld. Gain enterprise expertise and start-up ingenuity directly from experts across retail, manufacturing, financial services, technology, the public sector, and more. Join innovators as they challenge assumptions, design for better outcomes, and leverage transformational technologies to create future possibilities now.

  • Insight wins. Data is the lifeblood of business. Harness it and you gain competitive advantage; fail, and you risk being swamped by the data explosion. Success requires a data-driven culture, and leveraging a next-generation infrastructure and solutions to make that vision a reality.
  • The future is autonomous. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving changes in the workforce, the competitive landscape, and society at large. The organizations that harness the power of these technologies now will be at the forefront of the next wave.
  • Speed matters. With the velocity of business, the faster you learn, the faster you succeed. Explore how to accelerate your business to increase agility and out-innovate the competition.

Explore tomorrow, today. Think ahead at Oracle OpenWorld Asia.

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BRAAMD at the Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019

BRAAMD, Incorporated witnessed the Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019 Conference held last March 26-27, 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.   Real-world case studies were presented straight from some of Oracle's leading customers, discussions about the future trends in business process and a showcase of Oracle’s  latest solutions in the industry.

The two-day event was packed with Oracle OpenWorld learning : technology sessions, labs, demos, exhibitors, partners, and industry experts.   Insights  from business leaders on what has helped them to thrive and succeed in today's changing digital landscape were also presented. 

BRAAMD, a technology solutions provider, did not miss the opportunity to explore emerging technologies, key trends and business transformation during the Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.    The company is looking forward to the trailblazing opportunities for innovation in the Philippine industry.