About Flow-Tronic

Flow-Tronic is a Belgian company established in 1989 and located in Welkenraedt.

Flow-Tronic is internationally recognized as the leading distributor and manufacturer of innovative and accurate liquids flow measuring instrumentation for both open channel and full pipe applications.

Flow-Tronic has a large network of specially trained flow experts and representatives for consultancy, installation & after sales. Its activity is to provide flow metering services, supply rental flowmeters and provide repair and calibration of all equipment sold.

Our flow experts have been installing and providing flow measurement equipment and solutions for more than 30 years. Flow-Tronic is continuously developing new high-quality products and solutions using the latest technology.

Last March 8, 2024, BRAAMD visited Flow-Tronic HQ in Welkenraedt Belgium.

This visit offered a unique opportunity for a productive dialog with Flow-Tronic management.  Together, we discussed processes, challenges, solutions, and incoming opportunities.

During this visit, we conducted a factory tour, where Flow-Tronic shared what goes on behind-the-scenes in making and testing world-class flow instruments. It was a first-hand experience to see the line and the processes involved in producing high quality flow measuring devices.

We were glad to personally meet the Flow-Tronic team.  After we witnessed their factory process and  flow solutions they have, we walked away with more enthusiasm and commitment.  Moving forward, we are all set to deliver more sales and activities for the Flow-Tronic brand.

Thank you Flow-Tronic for welcoming us, for the exciting F1 Trip in Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, for the #OneBraamd photo in your lobby, and for the partnership.

Braamd visits Flow-Tronic HQ in Belgium