Pumps and valves play an important role in food safety, food processing, and beverage production. In Food and Beverage industry, KSB has the solutions, pumps and valves for safe, sterile and hygienic applications.

KSB Pumps and Valves deliver performance, smooth operation and reliability for power stations, be it fossil fuelled power plants, combined cycle power plants or renewable energy power plants. This makes KSB market leader in the industry. Power station operators, engineers, contractors all over the world and in the Philippines are choosing KSB pumps and valves in their operations.

Wastewater system calls for efficient, reliable and dependable pumps and valves like KSB Valves and Pumps. KSB’s energy-efficient, low-maintenance pumps and proven valves are employed in waste water treatment plants, for industrial, municipal and domestic use.

KSB KSB Distributor Philippines Etanorm Etaline

Water supply, drinking water supply, industry, pressure boosting, irrigation, power stations, heating systems, filtering systems, fire-fighting systems, reverse osmosis systems, snow-making systems and washing plants, and geothermal systems (re- injection of geothermal water into the aquifer).


Pumping clean or aggressive liquids not chemically or mechanically aggressive to the pump materials in water supply systems, cooling circuits, swimming pools, fire-fighting systems, irrigation systems, drainage systems, heating systems, air-conditioning systems, spray irrigation systems

KSB Pumps and Valves for Wastewater Applications 

KSB KSB Distributor Philippines

KSB not only engineers state-of-the-art pump and valve technology but also strives to provide an air-tight array of service around pumps and valves. KSB stands by its customers all along, through the entire implementation of a project, offers continuous after-sales ervice and undertakes a variety of service contracts and energy audits to provide optimum and cost effective solutions.

KSB Products and Solutions for Mining Industry

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KSB – General Industry

Reliable and highly energy-efficient solutions from KSB are extremely cost-effective and help industrial companies improve their carbon footprint that is why throughout the many industrial sectors, KSB valves and pumps are in use.


Hot water heating, cooling circuits, air-conditioning, water supply systems, service water supply systems, industrial recirculation systems

KSB Valves, Pumps and Systems for Power Generation in the Philippines

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KSB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and valves and the KSB Group has products and solutions for the Mining Industry through the GIW® brand. For the harshest pumping conditions, GIW® slurry pumps is the solution.


Pumping water with a low solids content, e.g. in waterworks, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, extraction duties in desalination systems, power stations, fire-fighting systems, shipbuilding, district heating or cooling.

KSB KSB Distributor Philippines
KSB KSB Distributor Philippines

KSB Pumps, Valves & Systems - The heart of your system 

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KSB in Food and Beverage Industry

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Chemical and Petrochemical Industries – KSB Pumps, Valves and Services


Comprehensive solutions, products and services from KSB ensure reliability and safety in the oil, gas and chemical industries. With proven reliability and that stands out, KSB has the products and solutions for the critical application and processes in the Petrochemical and Chemical industries. High temperatures, aggressive and flammable fluids – the extreme conditions in the petrochemical and chemical industries require sophisticated and often complex solutions.

KSB Pumps and Valves – Building Services Applications
KSB offers the right solution for every project in small-scale and large-scale building services applications. KSB pumps, valves and systems deliver convenience, hygiene and safety in buildings and provide the basis for their efficient operation for years to come.

Fluid is one of the most dynamic elements of nature. Whenever there arises a need to harness this vibrant energy, KSB provides the ultimate technology. Wherever the task, whatever the expectations, KSB yields a free flow of solutions. Right from transportation and distribution of water, waste water and industrial fluids, to thermal and air-conditioning system needs. KSB regulates every element to perfection, economically, efficiently and reliably. A technology leader offering total fluid dynamics and handling solutions, KSB specialises in high-quality customer care. Support that is extended through consultation, planning, installation, maintenance and round the clock back-up. While KSB pumps gush out a free flow to success, KSB valves monitor and ensure the success. Today, KSB specialises in customising products, systems, services and solutions to conquer the most dynamic elemental force in the world.

KSB KSB Distributor Philippines Etanorm Etaline