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Select the Dwyer Series 2000 Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage for high accuracy--guaranteed within 2%  in full scale and for the wide choice of models available to suit your needs precisely. Using Dwyer’s simple, frictionless Magnehelic movement, it quickly indicates low air or non-corrosive gas pressures either positive, negative (vacuum) or differential. The design resists shock, vibration and over pressure. No manometer fluid to evaporate, freeze or cause toxic or leveling problems.

The Dwyer Magnehelic is an industry standard gauge for low differential pressure monitoring.  This measures fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels with bubbler systems and pressure in fluid amplifier or fluidic systems.  This is widely used in the Semicon and Pharmaceutical industry for the monitoring of differential pressure at circulating - remake air fan, HEPA or ULPA filter DP and cleanroom application and is mandated in IS0-1, ISO-5 through ISO-9 classified cleanrooms.

The Dwyer Series 610 Low Differential Pressure Transmitters are capable of measuring the pressures and flow of air or non-conducting gases at high resolutions. Designed specifically for clean rooms, isolation rooms, and other critical environments, the Series 610 is ideal for situations when accurate and reliable pressure monitoring is essential. The Series 610 transmitters are available for air pressure ranges as low as 0.1 in w.c. full-scale.


The Dwyer SERIES 607 Differential Pressure Transmitter combines very low ranges with exceptional stability, reliability and either ±0.25% or ±0.5% accuracy for the most demanding applications. Ranges from 0-0.1" to 0-25" w.c. Ultra thin glass clad silicon diaphragm design resists shock and vibration, practically eliminates drift. Certification to NIST standards is included with each unit. Tough stainless steel housing is NEMA 2 rated to protect against moisture and dirt. Use with air and other compatible gases.

Dwyer distributor Philippines
Dwyer distributor Philippines

The Dwyer Photohelic Switch/Gauge functions as versatile, highly repeatable pressure switches combined with a precise pressure gauge employing the time-proven Magnehelic gauge design. The Photohelic switch/gauge measures and controls positive, negative or differential pressures of air and compatible gases. Two phototransistor actuated, DPDT relays are included for low/high limit control.​

Dwyer Distributor Philippines

The  Dwyer SERIES 616WL Differential Pressure Transmitter senses very low  ranges down to 0.25" w.c. (60 Pa), pressures of air and non-combustible, compatible gases and sends a standard 4-20 mA output signal. All models, including those featuring the 3 digit LCD digital read-out, are factory calibrated to specific ranges. Positive, negative and differential pressures can be measured within a full span accuracy of ±0.50%. This weatherproof unit is enclosed in a polycarbonate case, designed to meet (IP66/NEMA 4X). 

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​​​The Dwyer SERIES 605 Magnehelic® Indicating Transmitter  provides for both visual monitoring and electronic control of very low differential pressure. The Series 605 is ideal for control applications in building HVAC systems where local indication is desired during routine maintenance checks or necessary when trouble shooting the system. The easily read dial gage is complimented by the two-wire, 4-20 mA control signal utilizing the time-proven Dwyer® Magnehelic® gage mechanical design and Series 600 transmitter technology. The two-wire design with terminal strip on the rear simplifies connection in any 4-20 mA control loop powered by a 10-35 VDC supply

Dwyer Philippines
Dwyer Philippines

For your   PRESSURE, LEVEL, FLOW, TEMPERATURE, AIR QUALITY, PARTICULATE, INDICATORS AND PROCESS CONTROLLERS requirements,  BRAAMD can serve you as  the Authorized Dwyer  Distributor in the Philippines.   Download the product brief and find out more.