About Wesdom

WESDOM Group specializes in pipeline fluid systems: R&D, production and sales of valves, pipe fittings, water meters, flow meters, etc. The products cover cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, copper, plastics and other materials, which are widely used in hydropower stations, heat, buildings, water supply and drainage, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, medical and other fields.

WESDOM Group. Headquartered in ZhengZhou, which is the geographical center of China.

We truly appreciate the support, trust, hospitality, and warm reception.  of WESDOM Group

Being flow experts, the factory visit and business meeting are flowing quite smoothly.  Another round of meeting with the executives and team of WESDOM Group on April 4, 2024. This time at their  headquarters in ZhengZhou, China.

After series of business and strategic discussions , we commit to continuously serve our customers in the Philippines.   We are honored to witness and experience a traditional tea ceremony hosted by Mr. Shao jie Han , General Manager of Wesdom.   Miss Lin yan “Annie” Chen -Manager for Sales & Marketing explains the ceremony as Mr. Han  elaborately prepares and serves the tea.  

We truly appreciate the support, trust, hospitality, and warm reception.  of WESDOM Group

We are genuinely delighted to visit WESDOM's factory in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China on April 3, 2024.  Indeed, it brings greater confidence to see their facilities, where we witness firsthand their facility,  production process,  the machineries used, quality control, and more. 

Online meeting and virtual factory tour are always welcome but face-to-face  meeting and actual plant visit always give the better and fuller experience.  During this WESDOM visit, we meet the people,  learn about the stories, the passion, the technology, and the innovation in manufacturing of these WESDOM valves. 

BRAAMD goes to WESDOM Factory and HQ  in China