Get the best of your Elios Drone and maximize your drone's ROI. For this AIIM Training, we have defined 8 to 10 exercises, to make sure the you are operating the Elios drone successfully, efficiently and safely. The training methodology is derived from years of field experience of our principal in many industries, assets and conditions.

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BRAAMD, Inc. provides unmanned inspections for assets in confined, inaccessible, at height, hazardous spaces using Elios inspection drones. Example of these spaces are storage tanks, boilers, pipelines, silos, hoppers, tanks, vessels, chimneys, smokestacks, sewers, storage tanks, cooling towers, heat exchangers, tunnels, solar farms, wind turbine, underpasses, nuclear facilities, bridges, tunnels, construction works, culverts, pipelines, equipment, water supply towers, access shafts, pipe trays, excavations, container vessels, cargo ships, ship holds, bulk carriers, engine rooms, steel mills, disaster response and more.

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Underwater ROV Drone Inspections

Traditionally, inspections underwater have been performed by expensive dive teams which is time-consuming and expensive. Now, underwater drones enable you to inspect assets, easily deploy and get the results within minutes as well. Harness the power of underwater ROV and do frequent inspections, reduce risks and increase operational efficiency. 

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BRAAMD focuses on providing services that will exceed our customers’ expectations and strengthen their  competitive advantage.   


The PSC service aims to assist our customers in reducing energy consumption by identifying and eliminating compressed air wastage. We provide a comprehensive report that is ISO certified, along with corrective measures to eliminate these leakages.

By utilizing the PSC service, we help our customers make their production processes more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

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BRAAMD. Inc. performs pressure relief valve calibrations as part of our calibration services.  Our experienced technicians can ensure that your relief valves operate safely while complying with applicable industry design codes

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Our Engineering and Service Team delivers dependable services such as calibration, diagnostic and repair, testing and installation, preventive maintenance, energy savings services, project commissioning, and inspection service. 

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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and DC Power Systems are used to provide emergency power to loads when AC mains power experience sudden interruptions/failures. The equipment to which they are connected may range from computers, servers to control systems critical to the company or plant’s continued operations. How do you know when the UPS will have sufficient reserve battery power to sustain operation until your back up generator kicks in? The printed rating in your battery nameplate may provide the system’s capacity but this is not the true capacity. Over time, the cells in the battery degrade whether they are used or not and lead to loss in capacity.

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