BRAAMD is an appointed distributor of Festo- your first-choice products for simple, cost-effective pneumatic control. As a FESTO distributor, we assure you that we can extend reliable technical and commercial support to our customers.  BRAAMD is ready to respond, consult, serve, supply, and install your pneumatic needs.   Our Sales and Applications Engineers are ready to visit you for on-site pneumatics mapping that will be beneficial to your operational effectiveness.   Contact us at to find out more.

BRAAMD will help you configure and assemble the ideal ready-to-install Air Preparation solution for your specified application.  We will arrange a FREE Consultation and On-site Audit.  There's more! If you replace any brand of all your Air Combination Units installed in the machine line and change it into Festo, you may avail of Package Discount and a FREE Quarterly maintenance/check-up.

Selecting Air Preparation Assembly configuration is dependent on what quality of air is needed based on the different applications.  It is essential in eliminating dust or particles, moisture, water, oil (creates contaminants), bacteria and even unwanted odor.  The air preparation ensures the correct compressed air quality and filters compressor oil, condensate and dirt particles from the air.   It is also being used to improve the quality of compressed air being fed into pneumatic products to increase their usable life, as well as control the pressure / flow of compressed air.  That is why it is better to have it well-maintained.

BRAAMD launches Festo Air Preparation Assembly Promo