Valves include Ball, Butterfly, Check, Globe, Needle, and Solenoid Valves. Actuators come in pneumatic and electric, Air Filters have different fittings and port sizes, Connectors eliminate need of welding, Electro-Pneumatic Controllers, Current/Pressure Transducers, Positioners, Position Indicators are linear or rotary operation, and Volume Boosters.  Click photos for details.


Products rated for use in hazardous locations. Includes Valves, Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Switches which are explosion-proof and compact, Flow products that monitor liquid, gas, and air flows, Level models where some are submersible and applications vary, and a Pressure Transmitter which is microprocessor-based.  Click photos for details


Dwyer sells Alarm Switch Modules, Chart Recorders, Current and Particulate Transformers/Switches, Data Loggers, Fan Speed Controllers, Intrinsically Safe Barriers, Indicating Annunciators, Motion/Safety Switches, Power Supplies and Transformers, Relays, Signal Conditioners/Converters, SSR Monitors, and more.  Click photos for details.