We are honored to be part of the speakers and panelists who presented products, solutions, and services that will contribute in modernizing Philippine Power Plant with the latest technology, trends and new infrastructure.

Our Technical Support Engineer, Alfredo Y. Lumot, played a role as one of the speakers in this Summit.  Alfredo holds a Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) License .   He is a Certified Drone Operator and Trainer of Flyability, Switzerland and a Certified Remotely Operated Vehicle Underwater Drone Pilot.   He is one of the young and proactive solution specialists of BRAAMD, who are trained and competent in providing products and services that promote sustainability, efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Alfredo presented & demonstrated the Elios 3 Inspection, Surveying, and Mapping Drone to the players and movers in the Philippine Power & Energy sector. The Elios 3 tech spec and capabilities is very much in line with the theme, "Modernizing Philippine Power Plants with the latest technology, trend, and new infrastructure”.  They witnessed first-hand the stone-still stability of the drone, learned how Elios 3 can help their power plant inspections, and discovered the many benefits (safety, reduced costs, efficiency) of using one.  Elios 3 drone digitalizes inspections, truly an innovative approach in maintaining power plants.

Power & Energy sector is a backbone industry, a driver of economy in the Philippines. Power/energy supports the commercial and industrial industries, to which we belong as well. It has been in our core to serve the Philippine power/energy sector, and we will continue to do so in the coming years.

Through the years, we were able to develop a complementing industrial technology portfolio for our customers in Power & Energy sector. We have products, systems, solutions, and services in different phases of power generation and even in distribution. Products and solutions that can help plants' achieve targeted power output, modernize processes, systems & parts, help in its environmental impact, and improve the overall state of the plant. These are the messages we were able to deliver during the summit.

The Philippine Powerplant Energy Summit is our first exhibition after some years, we couldn't be happier with the results and experience. It was fun, busy, informative, and a success.

Thank you very much dear visitors, especially to those who dropped by our booth. Our team enjoyed meeting all of you. Thank you for spending time with us, learning what we offer, for the interesting conversations, and many new acquaintances.

On Power & Energy, and a Thank You Note

During the panel discussion, our very own Sales Director, Billy Montenegro shared his over twenty (20) years of experience in technical, application and sales in the field of engineering, electrical, instrumentation, plant automation and turn-key projects in various industries. Along with other distinguished moderator and panelists, Billy discussed various challenges in power plant operation and how operators address changing environmental, technological and commercial challenges.  He also imparted his views on some of the new developments and preventive maintenance practices that will improve the efficiency of power plant operations, and to rehabilitate old power plants.   He cited how latest technology solutions such as Festo pneumatic and Flyability Elios Drone can promote reliability, efficiency, and safety in the existing and emerging power plants in the country.

BRAAMD at The Philippine Power Plant Energy Summit  

We are deeply honored to be part of the he Philippine Power Plant Energy Summit.  As a company, we were able to impart our role in the  industry as a technology solutions and services provider.

BRAAMD, as one of the industry players, actively participated  in The Philippine Power Plant Energy Summit, held last  July 5 and 6, 2023 at the Novotel Hotel Manila in Araneta City.

This event  brought government agencies, energy stakeholders, experts, investment companies, contractors, and selected solution providers to address issues, discuss policies, incentives, opportunities, and challenges regarding Philippine Power plants.   The summit presented latest solutions, technology innovations and practices that will  further improve power plant performance, safety, exploration, operation, and sustainability.

​BRAAMD’s exhibit booth featured our electrical, mechanical and instrumentation, and inspection solutions relevant to the Energy sector. We displayed and demonstrated our solutions and services portfolio that would be beneficial to power generation sector.  On top of that, we highlighted two of our exciting inspection solutions, the ELIOS inspection drones (aerial and indoor ROV) and the Fifish inspection drone (underwater UUV).