We just "UNLOCKED"  the possibility of serving our customers while keeping our employees safe.  Amidst this very challenging situation, BRAAMD is committed to be accessible and responsive to our customers more than ever.   Prayers, persistence, and resilience. 

Dear Customers and Partners,

COVID-19 has been  very challenging for all of us.   As the world responds to this health crisis, businesses specially SMEs, are facing obstacles on how to continuously operate, take care of the health and welfare of their employees,  and serve their customers.
BRAAMD and its employees didn’t stop finding ways to be responsive to the needs of our valued customers and trusted business partners through  Work from  Home (WFH) arrangements.    We’ve chosen to use tools like Zoom, Google Meets, Viber and good old email to facilitate our communication, product trainings, strategic meetings, and feedback system. 

Majority of our valued customers are Energy-related companies  and it is a privilege to continue to serve them even during these trying times.   Despite the challenges, we remain responsive, proactive and committed to these companies. .  Our Sales and Applications Engineers still visit our customers for urgent site inspections and delivery of critical items needed for our customer’s operation.
As a company, we continue to face these challenges together.   This is the moment that we are working  together even more  in order to keep our company reliable, steady and  operational.   Each employee is actively contributing to ensure that amidst this  situation, our company will maintain its stability.    This crisis has taught us to let our commitment, passion,  teamwork, dedication, and resilience ignite beyond the ordinary.  Together, we can.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can best work together throughout this period.  We are online and available to answer questions and support your requirements.  We are here for you.  

We continue to pray for our community, country, and the world.   Stay safe and see you soon. 



BRAAMD Management