BRAAMD is the sole authorized representative of VENTIL here in the Philippines.  Ventil is the world’s leading manufacturer of Test and Repair Equipment for industrial valves.

BRAAMD Engineering Team received their Certification from Ventil at the end of the Training course.   Armed with this expertise, BRAAMD can confidently support their customers through reliable valve test and repair equipment for industrial and safety valves.    This is a solution that will promote the efficiency of the performance of valves through reliability and safety.

ventil philippines
ventil philippine

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BRAAMD together with their customers underwent training modules specializing in Ventil Valve Test and Repair Equipment.    The Ventil Knowledge Platform was a series of instructor-led  and hands-on training which enabled the team to further understand valve technology and repair .

About Ventil

Ventil offers a large variety of machines and equipment for the repair and testing of any valve type, size and pressure class.  Their mission is to supply guidance by sharing their experience.  To pioneer, innovate and manufacture first class test and repair equipment for valves.

The design and configuration of the Ventil products are well proven and based on many years of experience in Shut-off valve, Safety valve and Control valve maintenance, testing and repair. The Ventil equipment is fully built in-house and only first class and durable materials are used.  

Ventil strives to be the global supplier of choice for reliable valve test and repair equipment.   Ventil supplies from a well-proven standard program and also develops tailor made solutions, in a collaborative partnership with their customers. 

BRAAMD strengthens its competency and expands their breadth of service offerings by sending their Engineering Team to  Rijswijk- The Netherlands where the head quarters of Ventil is located.   



ventil distributor
ventil philippines
ventil distributor