It is an honor and  privilege to continue to serve our customers in the healthcare industry and help respond to the challenges caused by the pandemic.  Through our products and services, we contribute to win the battle against COVID-19.   With healthcare's unprecedented demands, we make sure that our team is up to the challenge.  BRAAMD carry global brands like Festo, Dwyer, and  EverExceed that can be used for ventilators, isolation rooms, air flow monitoring, laboratory automation, patient care devices, life support systems, UPS and other hospital equipment.


BRAAMD in the Healthcare Industry

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Our team is ready to respond, consult, serve, supply, and install the needs of the healthcare industry.  Our Sales Engineers and Technical Support are ready  to  visit our customers for site inspections and delivery of critical items needed for our customer’s operation.

We would also like to take this chance to recognize the hard work and dedication of the healthcare workers throughout this pandemic.  We express our gratitude for all your efforts. To our team as well, thank you for the many jobs well done.

For more information about how BRAAMD Inc. can help, don't hesitate to contact us.