Pristine Water offers  best in line solutions for Disinfection of water, Algae Prevention & Bio Fouling Control based on Electrochlorination.

Pristine  Water is the leader in water treatment solutions using Sodium Hypochlorite Generators.   The system capacities range from 5gms/hr to 500Kg/hr of chlorine, which can treat from 5000 liters of water per day to 500 million liters of water per day.  Some of the Applications for the Pristine Water are : Drinking Water, Food & Beverage, Sewage Treatment, Marine Application, Thermal Power & Refinery, Nature Oil Drilling and Hospitals. 

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BRAAMD, Inc.  continues to evolve as a technology solutions provider.    As  trusted technology solutions partner, we  continue to develop strategic partnerships with leading providers of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation solutions. 

​​Installing an efficient dust collection system should be a priority  for small and large scale pneumatic conveying system that is being utilized for transporting bulk solid products inside plants. 
This is system is essential for the  operations  to ensure safety and compliance to the national and local codes. This is also a good industry   practice because it saves money and helps maintain the quality and availability of their products.

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PROBLEM: Coal-Fired Power Plant needs a solution to their coal build-up and blockage at their onsite coal-fired power generating station. The coal-fired storage bunker and discharge pockets were being used to collect scrapings from a coal/lime transfer belt system.  The discharge pockets may no longer flowing freely and needs a total solution that will clear this blockage.  This system is necessary to preserve safety of the operation. 

COAL FEEDER ANTI-CLOGGING SOLUTION provides a total countermeasure to this problem.  This solution is comprehensive because it will not only limited to solving normal blockage of coal bins but also solve the blockage cause by mixed-burning of very poor quality coal such as coal sludge.

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Electrochlorination System